NTC Websitee

This was a website designed by myself, along with three other group members. Our objective was to create a new website for NTC (National Theatre for Children). This client wanted their site to be interactive for the children, and alluring enough to keep the parent's interests.


We worked together to create a space that mimicked one of NTC's shows (water pirates). The ship was a cursor in a horizontal parallax. We kept the site lively by using a colorful design, and fun new was to navigate.


Special K 



Durring this project I gave Special K a new face, as well as a new purpose. Not only did I focus on modernizing their look, but also the way we stay healthy.


This new design was called portion control. I created a healthier option to start the day by making a chamber within the cereal box. This chamber would allow the customer to receive the correct portion of cereal with each bowl.






El Centro de Conexion 



The Re-Design of El Centro de Conexion was done during spring 2012 in my Graphic Design II class. The objective was to create an updated logo, and stationary that would reflect this organization's fun, and welcoming personality.


After thorough research, and many alterations, my design was one of the top three for the client's choice. It has a pleasing nature, and I am proud of how far it went with meeting the client's needs.




Designer Poster


This project was done in my Graphic Design I class. We picked  one of five professional Graphic Designers, and made a poster that suited their sense of style.


We were also supposed to state the name of the designer, the showcase they are presenting, and the date to attend. Along with appealing to the designer's taste, we were able to add our own personal touch to the composition.




70 Block Rum


This was my first experience with product design . The idea was a simple one, we chose an alcoholic beverage, and created our own branding for it. Although the objective was simple, there was a lot of hard work put in to reach a solution. 


I wanted to make a rum that reflected New Orleans, and the liveliness of Louisiana. I decided to base my rum off of the French Quarter of Luisiana which all took place in a "70 Block" radiance.  I wanted my design to reflect the elegance of the French Quarter, but still embody the buoyancy of the city.




Microfolio #1


This was one of the first websites I built. Well, the first one that was actually pleasing to the eye. I was able to create a portfolio for one of my classmates. We were each other's "clients," and had to build an online portfolio based on different forms of information.


I designed this site to show some personality with fun shapes, and pops of color while maintaining a professional look. 




My Hero 


For this project I was able to come up with my own non-profit corporation called "MY HERO." The focus of this project was all about the information design. We had to come up with a poster, a website, and a fitting logo.


Everyone involved with MY HERO had one thing in common; they all had loved ones in the U.S Armed Forces. MY HERO would give these individuals a chance to cope with their situations by attending different events. Some of these events were meant as a group therapy, while others were just chances to get out of the house and make some new friends.  




Mixed Photography


Here is a slideshow of some of my photography work. In this mix, you will find everything from color selection too pinhole shots. I did most of these in my exploring photography class, but I love taking photos in my free time! 




Microfolio 2 


This is the same as my first microfolio, but this time we had a different classmate, and

a shorter deadline to get the project done. Using various information about my classmate, I built this site to reflect her

easy-going personality.


I wanted this site to be both functional, and fun. I wanted her site to give of a welcoming feel while still maintaining a professional look.



Studio Work 


These slides are full of my studio work over the years. Within these slides you will see my talents in many areas including drawing, printmaking, letter form design, and design drawing. These projects tought me many skills in illustaration, composition, and color.

Here are some examples of my design talents as an undergraduate at The University of Wisconsin Stout. I created these projects within the time span of 2009-2013. Below you will find a variety of my artistic abilities such as packaging design, web design, photography, and illustrative work.