During my time at Blip Toys I wore many hats as a designer. I was responsible for packaging design, logo ideation, Illustration, mock-ups, phototherapy, web design, marketing materials, and showroom graphics. 

Taylor_Winterfest_2017_Final_Logo-01 cop

Most of my freelance design work includes logo design, but I also rendered wedding invites and a styled shoot. I like to dig deep into what my clients are looking for. I provide options of what I interpret they want as well as options that are more my style. In the end, I want to give them something the love. 


I consider photography to be a hobby of mine as well as a profession. Capturing true moments of emotion is so rewarding to me. I just started this endeavor, but plan on doing much more as time goes on.


Throughout my 5 years as an undergraduate I produced many different kinds of artwork including digital, printmaking, photography, letterform and much more. Here are just a few things from my collection as and undergraduate.


During my last semester at UW-Stout, I had the privilege of creating an entire brand. Of course this was entirely for educational purposes and not a “real” product. Our task as a class was to create a product that was “emotive.” In a nut shell, I basically came up with a Fitbit before there was a Fitbit. I ran the whole gamete for design including logo, packaging, signage, app, web etc.


Here of some of my own creations I’ve done over the years. Some of my work shows more of my humorous side, while others serve as an outlet for my own struggles. Ether way, I hope there is some joy or relatable feeling to each one.